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Whether you are hosting guests during the holidays or inviting family and friends over for a meal and
drinks, acing an entertainment-friendly space while keeping your personal interior design style in check
can be a challenge.
So, our design experts have put together the top 5 tips for creating an entertainment-friendly ambiance
within your home.

1. The sofa – where the party starts:

First things first. And it is nothing but comfort. Most parties begin with everyone gathering and getting
comfortable around your living room sofa. Isn't it?
So, it is mandatory to ensure that you have the right sofa that is not just versatile but also inviting and
comfortable. If we are to say it in Meubel house language, the right pick would be an oh-so-comfy,
cloud-like heavenly, entertainment-friendly sanctuary.

And a perfect sofa pick for creating an entertainment-friendly space would be a  three-seater cloud sofa ,
a sectional, or an L shape. They are spacious, comfortable, perfect for a crowd, and easy to rearrange
whenever your living room layout needs a little party twist.

2. Extra seating – where the conversations grow:
Designing your living space with extra seating such as accent chairs, single seaters,  rocket chairs ,
ottomans, and poufs, will save the day whenever your space gets a little overcrowded.
And if you pick these extra seating right, they do not need to go away or be kept aside when you are not
hosting guests. So, including such extra seating that exudes a particular charm and blends with your
interior will ensure that everyone has a comfy seat at your home, always.

3. Tables – where the party continues:

Besides your main  dining table,  investing in a  coffee table  will keep the games going, and appetizers
savored is a savvy furniture addition that cannot be overlooked. And trust us when we say that hosting
guests will get so much easier with more surfaces such as  side tables  thoughtfully placed within your
A quirky addition as a  home bar paired with chic bar stools  will never go out of style.

4. Accessorize – sets the mood:

While music can set the tone of your gathering, furniture and other accessories paired with perfect
lighting guarantee to get your guests in the mood. An area rug to create a cozy ambiance, sofa cushions
to create an inviting space, and a sleek large wall mirror to open up the space will make all the
difference. Paired with a perfect scheme of lighting created by a combination of ambiance
lighting,  standing lamps , scones, and even candles will complete your entertainment-friendly

5. When in doubt, take the party outside:

Finally, we could not harp enough on the importance of designing your outdoor space as an
entertainment friendly one. Having your terrace, patio, or garden space set up with a  weatherproof
outdoor sofa  paired with an outdoor dining table will make hosting gatherings a breeze.
And, if you have a multipurpose furniture piece like a  magic bench  your space will always be ready to
host a few guests.

Do you need more tips and inspiration on creating an entertainment-friendly space within your home?
Then remember to speak to our experts at Meubel House, No. 34, Gower Street, Colombo 5 today.

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