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Whether you want to sit pretty, sink in comfy, or cozy up, chairs are your best friend. Be it lounging around after a
long day, sharing a laugh at a dinner table, snuggling up with a warm cuppa at your reading nook, or simply
contributing to the interior of a room, a chair is never just a chair. They are functional beyond seating and are
stylish, decorative, purposeful, and a home necessity.

From the living room to your backyard, there is a chair for every space and need, and we have narrowed down a
few different types of chairs that you should consider owning.

So, pull up a chair and read along to find out what’s best for your home.

1. Dining Chairs:

Have you had the same dining chairs around your Avurudu table for as long as you can remember? Well, then what
better than this new year season to elevate your dining table with some stylish and comfortable seating? Don’t you

Abraham Chair and Mimi Chair:
If your interior calls for a luxurious modern look, our Abraham and Mimi dining chairs are what you are looking for.
Upholstered with imported fabric for refined comfort and crafted with teak wood for a timeless look, these two
varieties are thoughtfully designed to add a serenely sophisticated look to your dining room.

However, if you have a dining area in an open-plan living room or if you are looking for dining chairs for a minimal
interior setting, we suggest you opt for something simple and warm such as wooden chairs.
And, without a doubt, our Balon chairs and Cross back chairs would effortlessly adapt to such spaces.

Balon Chair and Criss Cross Chair:
Upholding characters each of their own, these two types of teak wood dining chairs are versatile in design and
have open wood frames to make your room look more spacious.
And if you prefer them to be more comfortable, we can always comfy them up by adding cushions upholstered in
an imported premium fabric of your choice.

2. Accent Chairs:

Accent chairs are stand-alone chairs that add a layer of style and interest to your space. From simple to
sophisticated, accent chairs come in many design styles and types, and they can make or break the interior decor
of a space.

Fossil Chair:
If you are looking for a charming little comfy spot for your reading nook or bedroom, our Fossil chair is a perfect
single statement chair. Designed with a soft cushion and meticulously crafted with a beautifully shaped wood
structure, it is unique, compact, and chic.

Fossil chair

Fossil Chair – Indulge Moss

Chelsea Chair:

If your living room exudes a modern or industrial design style, our Chelsea chair designed with clean angular lines
and a steel graphic frame holding an expansive soft, cozy cushion, is an ideal polished statement piece. (link)

With comfortable armrests and upholstery, armchairs are perfect as single selfish accent chairs for your living
space. Whether they are designed in a contrasting fabric to stand out or crafted with a similar fabric as your other
furniture to blend in, they are stylish, comfortable, and must-have statement pieces.

3. Rocking Chairs:

What is more relaxing than sitting on a rocking chair and embracing the solace and peacefulness of your thoughts?
So, an aesthetically pleasing, classic-themed wooden rocking chair is what will bring that relaxing feel with a hint of
grandeur to your space.

Imported from Indonesia, crafted to perfection with a sturdy detailed frame emanating the classic look of golden
days, our rocking chair comes with a stool.

Rocking chair with foot stool

4. Outdoor Chairs:

Whether you love a quiet solace time in the morning with a warm cuppa or love sharing a vino and a laugh with
friends and family, your garden space must be your ideal escape.
From the verandah to the balcony to the backyard, choosing the right outdoor chairs plays a prominent role in
creating your perfect outdoor sanctuary, and we have all the right seats for you.

Hector Chair:
Designed with clean lines and generously spacious comfortable seating upholstered with premium bright color
fabric, this chair is the bold and stylish statement your garden space craves. It is perfect as a pair or more for a
spacious outdoor space.

Lyon chair:
With a sturdy teak wood structure, carefully woven with stylish synthetic rope imported from overseas, this chair
is perfect as a single selfish addition, as a pair, or more.
And it can also be customized to fit the mood of your space by changing the color of the structure and the rope.

Lyon chair

Bella Chair:
A uniquely shaped teak wood seating based on a slim stainless-steel frame, the Bella chair is perfectly sized for an
outdoor seating corner. This chair oozes its best look when placed as a pair, coupled with the stool echoed in the
same design style.

Curve woven chair:
Beautifully crafted with a sturdy teak wood structure, slim solid legs, and elegantly woven seating with
synthetic rope, this chair is perfect as a pair or more on your patio.

Curve Woven Chair

From trendy and chic, to comfy and cozy, to retro and contemporary, to modern and sophisticated, we have an
extensive collection of chairs to complement and elevate the interior of any space.

And, with all the choices of chairs you are spoiled with, no matter what type of chair you want to purchase, we
suggest you first visualize how the chair will look with the rest of the interior, measure the space, and put a little
thought into whether it will blend into your lifestyle and needs.

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