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An essential guide to designing and decorating your space.

Have you ever wondered which interior design style resonates with your personal style? Or are you struggling to pick the perfect design style for your brand-new space? Or have you recently renovated your space and are a little confused about which style is what?

Well, we come bearing answers! 

Regardless of your situation, we are here to help find your ideal interior design style that will make you go, “now this is so me”. So let us now take you on a stylish journey where we explore each design style to find out what characteristics, finish, flavor, and experience make each one unique.

1. Minimalist:

The minimalist design style is all about carefully curating a space that is simple, clean, and minimal through the limitation of embellishments. Keeping the space basic with monochromatic color pallets and little to no decor, and clutter-free with an open floor plan occupied only by essential and purposeful furniture pieces, this style requires attention to detail. 

If spending time in an open, airy, and calm space sounds like you, then picking furniture should begin by deciding how you want each room in your home to function. Because bringing in only the essential pieces of furniture that are minimal yet appealing with clean lines and straight edges is key to nailing the minimalist design style. 

Opt for large yet simple furniture pieces and then keep the space interesting by adding a generous amount of lighting through unsophisticated light fixtures that give the maximum illumination. You can always let in character by selecting those that have gold or copper finishes. 

Pro tip: Including mirrors works like a charm in opening up the space and creates the bright and light feel of minimalist design. 

2. Modern:

Creating harmony between symmetrical shapes, structural elements, and natural color palettes, reflected by perfect lighting, is the language of modern design. Keeping the space refined with simple furniture pieces with crisp lines and solid hues and warm and welcoming by layering textures and textiles, modern design style requires an eye for vanity. 

Sounds like how you want to style your home? Then we suggest you begin from your living room. Choose a pallet of 2 to 4 colors, a staple furniture piece such as a sofa or a console, and build the rest of the room with solid color geometric shape furniture pieces, textured rugs, and a few accessories for a little flair. 

While ensuring that the simple elegance of the space prevails, play with furniture tones to set the mood of the room and incorporate glass and steel to bring out the personality of modern design style.

Pro tip: Include a bare minimum of one furniture piece or a decorative object that gives a natural touch to create the timeless feel of modern design. 

3. Mid-Century Modern:

A symphony between neutral colors and an occasional splash of bright colors blended with contradicting textures and structures, mid-century modern is minimal yet sophisticated with large statement pieces, sculptures, and plants. 

If you want the perfect blend of simple and bold, with a retro twist, then mid-century modern may be your calling. Begin by choosing a staple piece that oozes sophistication. A vintage furniture piece with tapered legs and straight lines that embrace earthy tones would be your best bet. 

Then build on that by keeping the rest of the space clutter-free with bare surfaces, quiet fabrication, and organic shapes but rich enough through color-saturated paintings, aesthetic rugs, and plenty of plants. 

To make your space an expression of you, you may play with the color spectrum to add an occasional pop of color, from bold retro hues to warm earthy tones.

Pro tip: Choose furniture pieces that create a sharp visual contrast between the floor and walls but blend effortlessly with natural lighting.

4. Scandinavian:

The serene simplicity of clean lines in white spaces with gray undertones synced with a hint of color to meet at the midpoint, the Scandinavian design style keeps the minimalist aesthetic to a certain degree while highlighting organic shapes, tonal textures, and natural lighting. 

If your space calls for charming functionality and flawless craftsmanship surrounded by earthy muted tones, with a pop of wood ascents, green plants, and blue ornaments, the Scandinavian style is just what it needs. 

Invest in neutral-colored furniture that exhibits excellent craftsmanship and is sleek in design. Incorporate natural elements such as wood, light, and plants to style your space and accessorize with small ascent pieces and textural details such as rugs while keeping the space uncluttered.

Use a neutral color palette to keep the backdrop of the space light and simple to let the furniture pieces create a mark by acting as pieces of contrast. 

Pro tip: Scandinavian design style centers around contrasting elements. Hence, when selecting furniture pieces, think about color, shape, texture, size, and mood. Consider using a contrast of new and old pieces, light and dark neutrals, and pieces that speak functionality and coziness within the same space.

5. Industrial:

An urban-unfinished vibe brought out through exposed bricks, beams, and wooden structures in an open space that consists of tall ceilings, columns, and rustic furniture pieces, industrial design style brings out architectural facets together with style and decor. 

If the raw appeal of the unfinished interior, rustic exposed structures, and industrial creativity intrigue you, pulling off an industrial design style should be easy. However, styling a space in this manner requires a space that fits the profile, as the architecture of your space is key to achieving this look. 

Reclaimed furniture and pieces that flaunts dark tones or weathered leather are must-haves to ensure that furniture tie the exposed brick, concrete, and wooden structures of the space together. 

Pro tip: Use bold graphics, paintings, and murals on your brick walls to bring out the artistic flair to your space that would otherwise be missing. 

So which interior design style feels like home to you?

If you need more tips, guidance, and inspiration, visit Meubel House, No. 34, Gower Street, Colombo 5.

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