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In creating a comfortable and stylish living experience, your sofa is both the show-stopper and your comfort escape. Whether it is for lounging with a warm cuppa, having a chit-chat with your favorites, getting lost in the pages of a good read, catching the latest episode of your favorite tv show, or all of the above, a sofa is an investment that is expected to last for years to come.

So, purchasing a sofa is not just looking at it, sitting on it, and buying it. It is so much more. From measurements, frame type, fabric choice, and color palette, to interior design style, there are many important aspects you should pay attention to.

And we have put together the 5 most important things you should consider when purchasing a new sofa.

  1. Size matters:

Yes, your sofa is probably the largest piece of furniture in your living room. But it should not occupy all the breathing space, nor should it be too small for the space. And we say that a good-fit sofa is always long enough for a stretch and high enough for a comfortable sitting.

So, before exploring available sofa options, you must decide on the placement of your sofa and measure up the selected space to discover the ideal dimensions that will fit and suit your space.

And based on these measurements, you may choose a configuration from sectionals, three-seaters, two-seaters, and sofa beds that will fill the room without dominating the space or leaving too much room.

Pro tip: While an L-shape or U-shape sectionals (such as the MH Three-seater Cloud sofa + ottoman) are ideal for a large space and two-seaters (such as the MH Maya sofa) are best placed in a smaller living room.

Click here to browse through the various types of sofas available for purchase at Meubel House (

  1. Fuss over the fabric:

Selecting the right upholstery fabric for your sofa plays a vital role in the overall look of your space. Whether you love a minimalistic look with neutral linen, a bold declaration with a bright color palette, a classy outlook with leather, or an inviting sensual look with velvet, you must first consider the existing aesthetics of the space, as well as your lifestyle.

While cotton and poly mix fabrics are always easy to maintain and are durable, for a space where kids and pets hang out, we suggest you opt for an easily cleanable fabric such as leather, microfiber, or canvas. And for a space exposed to a large volume of direct sunlight, opt for synthetic fabrics to avoid fading.

Pro tip: Investing in easily washable and durable loose-slip covers is the perfect way for changing the aesthetics of your space, without having to replace the sofa.

Learn more about MH loose-slip covers here. (Insert a web link for loose-slip covers on the web)

  1. Choose comfort:

If your sofa is made of fine fabric but isn’t comfortable, you have most certainly made the wrong choice. Hence, to ensure that you choose a livable comfort piece, it is essential to know what is behind the upholstery fabric.

The most commonly used materials on the inside are either foam, feathers, or fiber. While feathers offer soft-plush comfort, foam offers a firm structural outlook with durability. But foam-wrapped feathers offer the best of both worlds.

Pro tip: Comfiness is always a personal preference. Therefore, remember to sit and test the sink-in-right feel for yourself before making your purchase.

  1. Interior check:

As much as comfort is important, you do not want to end up with a sofa that is comfortable and stunning but is out of place.

So, we suggest you examine the existing interior decor style of your space before making your big purchase.

For a modern or minimal interior design style you may opt for a neutral sofa with a muted tone, for a Scandinavian design style you may opt for one that is bold and colorful, and blend your industrial interior with a sofa that has an edgy look with a metal frame and legs.

However, you can also bend the rules by mixing and matching between styles as long as the final look creates a united and appealing statement.

Pro tip: Educate yourself on different interior design styles to have more fun matching your sofa with the existing interior. (Read more on interior design styles

  1. The fine frame:

Sofas are long-term investments that will see through many years of family lounging, withstand house moves, and other wear and tear. Therefore, it is important to own a sofa that is crafted with a sturdy frame that will not only support the design and crafting of the sofa but also has a good hold-up.

From solid wood to light wood to metal, your choice of frame may differ from design to purpose. While a solid wood frame such as a teak wood frame is a classy option, metal frames can add an extra edge to your space.

Pro tip: Educate yourself on upkeep recommendations and cleaning codes for durability.

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